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Retail Office Program

Our Retail Office Program is designed for retail mercantile and service operations with limited off-premises exposures. Here are some of the most common operations we insure; Appliances, Art stores, Auto parts stores, Bakeries, Bagels and Donut shops, Floral Shops, Barber shops and beauty salons, Candy and Confectionary shops, Ceramics and pottery shops, Convenience stores, Fabric stores, and so many more…

This country was built by small businessmen living the American dream. Let us help your dream continue with the affordable coverage.

Unique Coverages

We offer unique coverages to protect you from potential setbacks that your company may face. If you would like to know more about any of these offers please contact one of our agents.

Plus and Pro Enhancements

These endorsements increase several of the basic policy limits. There are too many to list here.

Cyber Suite

This coverage helps you recover from data breaches, computer attacks, identity theft events where you and your customer’s personal information may be compromised. Peace of mind is knowing we have your back with claim professionals who have the know how to help you recover. Our Cyber Suite Endorsement offers comprehensive first and third party related exposures.

Employment Practices Liability

Small Business owners are vulnerable to employment practice claims brought on by employees, leased employees, independent contractors, and applicants for employment. Our coverage defends you from these events with broad coverages.


Multi-line Discount

When writing an approved commercial auto policy.