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Service Line

Get coverage for underground water, sewer and electrical lines on your standard homeowner policy

Executive Enhancement

Improve the protection on your home and personal property with our Executive Coverage Form.

Equipment Breakdown

All equipment breakdown losses are included under your homeowner policy.

What Makes Our Insurance Unique?

We offer special coverages to help you save as much as possible.

Service Line

Coverage available for water, sewer and electrical lines for your standard policy

  • For a small annual premium, homeowners can obtain protection against a common loss event that averages $6,000 per occurrence. The homeowner is responsible for the first $500 (deductible) and then has coverage up to $10,000 (limit)
  • Covers the cost of digging up and replacing underground utility lines from the exterior of your house to the utility connection

Executive Enhancement Endorsement

Improve the protection on your home and personal property with our Executive Coverage Form

  • This form can be added to your preferred homeowners policy. Many coverage limits are increased to several times the amount offered in a standard policy along with big improvements in the scope of coverage.
  • The average cost is around $35.00 per year, you really should add this coverage to your policy.
  • Ask one of our agents to explain this important coverage opportunity and why it will protect your home better than ever.

Equipment Breakdown

Until now equipment breakdown losses, along with electrical breakdown losses, were typically excluded under your homeowner policy.

  • You can add this valuable coverage for just $35 per year
  • This endorsement has a separate $500 deductible with a $100,000 maximum liability limit.
  • Helping to protect homeowners from unexpected and costly home appliance and equipment repairs. This is a much more affordable option than purchasing an expensive home warranty policy

Earthquake Insurance

You’ve worked hard to build your dream home, don’t let a major earthquake shatter your dreams.

  • 5% deductible – excludes masonry/masonry veneer
  • We have 2 options to choose from:
    • Full Earthquake includes the dwelling, other structures, loss of use and personal property
    • Limited Earthquake is half the price with coverage for only the dwelling.

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